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The following general terms and conditions of sale and use (hereinafter "general conditions") apply to all sales made through the domain www.panificiosanpietro.it ( "site "), are in compliance with the Italian regulations referred to D. LGS 206/ 2005 and subsequent modifications and integrations (hereinafter, "Consumer Code").
The use of the services is allowed to registered users, who have created an account, read the information regarding the processing of personal data and accepted the general conditions.
The service provider is the individual company Panificio San Pietro di Valeria Palmisano, in person of its owner pro tempore, Valeria Palmisano, with registered office in Martina Franca (74015 TA), Via Pietro del Tocco N. 23-25, Italy, P. IVA 02881950733, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Taranto, REA TA-176643 (hereinafter "bakery San Pietro").
The general conditions may be modified and/or supplemented at any time, except for the right of withdrawal of the user under the following forecasts. It is understood that any changes and/or new conditions will apply to orders after their publication on the site.


The registration is free and is done through the insertion of an e-mail address and a password.
The credentials must be used by the user only and cannot be transferred to a third party; each user can make a single registration, with the faculty of Panificio San Pietro to cancel the multiple recordings. Where the user finds misuse, abnormal or illegitimate of his credentials, he/she is obliged to give immediately notice to Panificio San Pietro by e-mail, at the address info@panificiosanpietro.it.
The user is exclusive responsible for the access to the site through the registration credentials and directly responds to any damage and/or discomfort and/or prejudice caused to third parties, including Panificio San Pietro, because of their improper/illegitimate use.
Panificio San Pietro has the right to refuse the registration of certain users, at their own discretion; likewise, it may refuse orders, which appear anomalous in relation to the quantity of the goods covered by them, the time frequency or in relation to the use of discount vouchers or for any circumstance that appears abnormal.
The conclusion of the contract of purchase is perfected with the respect of the procedure foreseen in the site and with the actual payment of the goods subject to the order by the user.


All prices indicated into the site are expressed in Euro/€ and include the cost of the product, receptacles and packaging, as well as the vat.
The payment of the goods, offered for sale, can be done in the following ways:
• Advance Bank transfer: The customer must make the transfer within 3 days from the date of the order for the orders relating to the products. In case this does not occur, the order will be cancelled and the merchandise made available for purchase by other customers. The customer who has not made the transfer can be contacted by Panificio San Pietro in order to clarify whether the cause of the non-accreditation is attributable to the willingness of the customer not to confirm the purchase or other causes.
To speed up delivery time, we recommend to send a copy of the operation via email to info@panificiosanpietro.it.
Data for the transfer:
    • C/C to Valeria Palmisano
    • IBAN: IT48F 02008 78932 00010 1929 149
    • BanK: Unicredit di Martina Franca
    • Causal: The customer must indicate in the causal of the transfer the date and the order number, available in the confirmation email

• PayPal: It is possible to pay with all the credit cards normally accepted by PayPal such as: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Aura, Discover.

•  Contrassegno: only for Italian deliveries, it is possible to pay directly to the courier for maximum 100 euros orders, adding 6 euros to the total order price.


Credit card transaction data are not directly processed by Panificio San Pietro but by bank and PayPal circuit servers, covered by the highest international security protocols.


Panificio San Pietro reserves the right to issue coupons and/or to regulate its use, from time to time, providing the relevant instructions to the user.
Panificio San Pietro reserves the right to revoke/cancel the vouchers in the event of unlawful activity by the user.


The shipping costs, for all the Italian territory, except Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia regions are equal to 9,90 € for orders up to 70 €.

For orders above 70 €: FREE SHIPPING COSTS

The shipping costs For Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia regions are equal to 13,50 € for orders up to 70€.

For orders above 70 €: FREE SHIPPING COSTS

Shipments abroad: the following prospectus of costs is related to shipments made in European territory; the costs related to any missing countries will be calculated according to demand.

• Up to 10 kg: 27,50 €
• Up to 20 kg: 38,50 €
• Up to 30 kg: 54,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 65,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 79,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 111,00 €
• Up to 70 kg: 112,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 21,50 €
• Up to 20 kg: 25,50 €
• Up to 30 kg: 46,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 52,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 64,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 91,50 €
• Up to 70 kg: 92,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 28,00 €
• Up to 20 kg: 39,00 €
• Up to 30 kg: 55,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 66,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 80,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 113,00 €
• Up to 70 kg: 113,50 €

• Up to 10 kg: 39,00 €
• Up to 20 kg: 55,00 €
• Up to 30 kg: 72,00 €
• Up to 40 kg: 85,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 102,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 146,50 €
• Up to 70 kg: 147,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 31,00 €
• Up to 20 kg: 38,50 €
• Up to 30 kg: 62,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 67,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 82,50 €
• Up to 60 kg: 115,50 €
• Up to 70 kg: 116,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 38,50 €
• Up to 20 kg: 49,50 €
• Up to 30 kg: 61,00 €
• Up to 40 kg: 70,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 82,50 €
• Up to 60 kg: 112,50 €
• Up to 70 kg: 113,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 30,50 €
• Up to 20 kg: 39,00 €
• Up to 30 kg: 56,00 €
• Up to 40 kg: 66,50 €
• Up to 50 kg: 80,50 €
• Up to 60 kg: 113,50 €
• Up to 70 kg: 114,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 41,50 €
• Up to 20 kg: 58,00 €
• Up to 30 kg: 72,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 83,50 €
• Up to 50 kg: 99,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 141,50 €
• Up to 70 kg: 142,00 €

• Up to 10 kg: 27,50 €
• Up to 20 kg: 35,00 €
• Up to 30 kg: 53,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 61,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 75,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 105,00 €
• Up to 70 kg: 105,50 €

• Up to 10 kg: 40,00 €
• Up to 20 kg: 55,00 €
• Up to 30 kg: 69,50 €
• Up to 40 kg: 81,00 €
• Up to 50 kg: 96,00 €
• Up to 60 kg: 136,00 €
• Up to 70 kg: 136,50 €

Panificio San Pietro will only process the order when it has had confirmation of the full payment.
The delivery times are 24/48 working hours from the moment the goods are assigned to the courier, for shipments in the Italian territory, 3/5 working days for shipments in the European territory. Please note that the delivery of the goods by the courier will take place on the business day following the order (for orders arrived within 10:00 am) or payment, where not contextual (e.g. in case of bank transfer).
The goods are delivered "ex-seller warehouse" and are made to the postal address indicated by the user in the order form.
Upon delivery of the products to the carrier, an e-mail will be sent to the user to trace the shipment. Deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday, in office hours, excluding holidays, bridges, strikes, exceptional climatic conditions and/or force majeure.
Any periods of suspension of deliveries will be published on the site.
In case of non-delivery by absence of the addressee at the address indicated, the courier will notify the user of the delivery attempt.
After a failed delivery attempt, the parcel will go into stock and Panificio San Pietro will contact the user so that the delivery happens as soon as possible. Even after this attempt the goods will not be delivered, the same will be sent back to the Panificio San Pietro. After fifteen days from the date the product was returned to Panificio San Pietro, the order is to be considered cancelled and the contract resolved. In this case, Panificio San Pietro will return the difference between the payment received and the expenses for the shipment not been successful, as well as those of custody.
The cancellation of the order, following the termination of the contract, and the amount of the refund will be communicated to the user by e-mail.
The refund will be made by bank transfer or by voucher, where requested by the user for this last hypothesis.
The user may request that the shipment be insured during purchase. The cost of the insurance is equal to 1% of the value of the order, however starting from a minimum of €8.
The consignee is obliged to verify the conditions of the goods delivered; when receiving parcels showing signs, dents, breakage, tampering and, in general, any alteration of its integrity, the user is obliged to accept the parcel from the courier with a specific written reserve (e.g. "Accepted with reserve, cause broken parcel, dented pack, wet pack, etc.").
In the event that, inside the parcel goods are damaged, the user is obliged to send a written notice within twenty-four hours of delivery, by e-mail, to the address info@panificiosanpietro.it, enclosing at least one photograph of the damaged material.
In cases where the objective responsibility of the courier for the damages reported is demonstrated, a refund is foreseen within 10 days by issuing a good discount of the amount of the damage discharged, usable with the next order if the customer has selected the option of shipping insurance; in the event that the shipment is not insured, is provided by law, always after demonstration of the liability of the courier, a refund of €1 every kg of damaged goods, by issuing within 10 days of a discount coupon usable with the next order.
If the parcel is accepted without any reservation of control, Panificio San Pietro will not be able to request any reimbursement to the courier and therefore not reimburse the damaged goods to the user.


Where, after the order, one or more products is no longer available, the user will be promptly informed by e-mail and the purchase order will be cancelled. The user will then be informed about the availability of the missing product (s) and will have the right to make a new order, where still want it. Where the payment had already been made, Panificio San Pietro will refund the entire amount paid by the user, within seven days from the day after the order is sent. The refund will be made by bank transfer.
All items placed for sale on the site www.panificiosanpietro.it are generally immediately available. In cases where, in the face of orders of large quantities, the product already available was not enough to cover the request, Panificio San Pietro will contact the customer through the contact details entered during registration to indicate the expected date of departure of the shipment (however always following the verification of the payment), which in this case may not be that of the day following the verification of the payment.


The products offered for sale on the site are conform to the relevant legislation.
Panificio San Pietro guarantees the observance of all the hygienic-sanitary requirements from the production to the storage at its warehouse, in conformity to the hygienic-sanitary regulations and to the HACCP protocol.
The images as well as the colors of the published products may differ from the real ones. All products offered for sale on the site are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity foreseen by the Consumer code (so-called "legal Guarantee"), for the benefit of consumers, who will have to provide proof of the date of purchase and delivery of the goods.
In case of termination of the contract, Panificio San Pietro will return the price paid by the user, in addition to the shipping costs. In the case of price reductions, where the conditions are fulfilled, Panificio San Pietro will return the amount of the reduction previously agreed with the user; in any case, the amount of the refund will be communicated to the user by e-mail and credited by bank transfer. The methods of shipment of the goods will be established between the parties.


In view of the food nature of the goods offered for sale on panificiosanpietro.it, in the main interest and in the protection of the consumer's health, the right of withdrawal within the meaning of article 59 of the consumer code is not foreseen, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 21 of 21/02/14.


Panificio San Pietro undertakes to correct/rectify any errors and/or inaccuracies, or to supplement the description of the products offered for sale on the site, as soon as possible, when it should receive written reports from users.
The seller is not liable for damages, of any kind, arising from the misuse and/or improper use of the goods and for any cause extraneous to him.
The responsibility of Panificio San Pietro can never be higher than the total price of the purchase order paid by the user.


Panificio San Pietro reserves the right to temporarily suspend sales and therefore the provision of any service related to the site, without notice, but by issuing a notice on the site and for the time it considers necessary, without this implying any responsibility for its own burden.


The general conditions are governed by the Italian law on the subject.
For any dispute relating to the general conditions the forum of residence or domicile of the user will be competent, where located in the Italian territory; in all the other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively the Taranto forum, any other jurisdiction is excluded.

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