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BREAKFAST BOX (pz. 5 da 500g + pz.3 da 200g)

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The box contains:

2 confezioni di BISCOTTI DA LATTE 500gr.

2 confezioni di BISCOTTI INTEGRALI 500gr.

1 confezione di BISCOTTI AI CEREALI 500gr.

1 confezione di CEGLIESI 200 gr.

1 confezione di MARASCHELLE 200 gr.

1 confezione di RICCIARELLI 200 gr.

This pack contains

Maraschelle (Almond paste pastries) Packaging-from 200 gr.
x 1
Cegliesi (Almond paste pastries) Packaging-from 200 gr.
x 1
Ricciarelli (Almond paste pastries) Packaging-from 200 gr.
x 1
Biscuits for milk Packaging-from 500 gr.
x 2
Wholemeal biscuits Packaging-from 500 gr.
x 2
Cereals Biscuits Packaging-from 500 gr.
x 1
Box & Selections

The Panificio San Pietro Boxes are collections of products of the Apulian Tradition, packaged in order to let you taste a little of all our specialties.

Inside you will find some packs of Taralli, Frise, Sweets and Biscuits: each box line is designed to reflect your tastes, from the most classic Apulian flavors to a selection of wholemeal or Kamut flour products.

The STANDARD LINE BOX is designed for people who, like you, would like to taste the flavors of the Apulian tradition without missing the particular taste of our WHOLEMEAL flours or our CEREALS, carefully selected in Italy.

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